Goals & results of the event: New Century Celebration #LOJER100

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The goal of the event

1.A great party

2.Strengthening ties to distributors and stakeholders. Informing about the product portfolio and new products.

3.Telling the Lojer story: a 100-year journey, versatile history, locally Finnish

4.Strengthening the Lojer brand and the quality image of the products

5.Engaging personnel. Employee engagement was very timely and important due to the expansion of the company and acquisitions. It was important to demonstrate and strengthen the Lojer spirit both externally and internally.

6.Increasing sales and engaging distributors was behind these aims as a guiding principle and we always took this into consideration in the planning process.


‘’Lojer is a spot on organization & there was a great atmosphere through the entire convention. Useful 360° information about Finland, Lojer history, products and partners which enabled to connect more closely. Thank you!’’

– Guest

‘’The best part was to see all the faces which we know after a long time. Personal relationship is always important. Makes us proud to be a part of this story.’’

– Guest

‘’It was great to see how big the company really is:) And also the complexity of the different markets and their different needs. Great party!’’

– Guest



Description of the implementation

Honorary guests from 29 different countries were invited to the event and there were 400 guests in total at Paja Kongressi in Tampere. The programme displayed Lojer’s 100-year history comprehensively. The performers were asked to consider the different nationalities and personnel in their performances, which was visible for example in the Russian roulette conducted by the host, carefully written skits and also in the music from different countries played by a live band. The main act of the evening, JVG, was responsible for portraying the most popular music in Finland to foreign guests and was also the favourite performer for the personnel of the event at the same time.

The event consisted of 2-day seminars and carefully scripted evening party. The seminars were attended by Lojer distributors. Lojer employees, distributors, most important stakeholders, and their companions took part in the evening party.

‘’I was particularly impressed by the family spirit that is felt between the Lojer’s employees’’

– Guest

“The programme took Lojer’s international clientele and stakeholders into account. All in all a carefully plannet event. Thank you for letting me be a part of it!”

– Guest


Photo © Miikka Varila



Respondents: 92
Scale 1-5

Average | Standard deviation | Percentage of respondents who gave the grade 5


Feeling that the party was a success 

4.71 | 0.7 | 79,12 %

Distributors: Feeling more engaged to Lojer after the event 

4.6 | 1.2 | 90 %

Learning new things about Lojer’s story and history 

4.08 | 1.04 | 42,22 %

Perceiving Lojer’s brand higher than before 

4.1 | 0.92 | 37,50 %

Personnel: Feeling more engaged to Lojer after the event 

4 | 0.95 | 35,71 %


The turnover of the event is visible in the long run and is a combination of these results. The primary goal for Lojer, engaging distributors, was achieved as 90 % of distributors estimated that their engagement to Lojer had increased very much (grade 5).


For the client, the most important indication of achieving goals was written feedback, such as:

‘’The proud history of Lojer and the commitment of the employees. As a distributor this gives you the confidence to aggressively promote Lojer products.’’

– Guest

“Everything was very well organized and it was an extremely nice party. The event was factual but not overly stiff. And I always get in a good mood when I hear JVG on the radio, it always reminds me of a good party, Lojer and Tampere! Thank you!”

– Guest


Photo © Miikka Varila


Client’s comment of the event

Our contact persons while planning the event were the owner and CEO of Lojer, Ville Laine and the marketing director Martin Härmälä.

After the event we got the following feedback from Ville:

“We have attended expensive foreign fairs for decades, and just with this single 100-year celebration the value of the brand increased drastically more than with all those fairs together. The party was a success in every way and exceeded all expectations.”

-Ville Laine, Lojer, CEO

Martin on the other hand was impressed about the honorary guests’ praise that he heard both throughout the event and after it. The hundreds of praises corresponded with the goals of the event, which were engaging the guests and offering an unforgettable experience:

“We are receiving thank you messages from every corner of the world.”

-Martin Härmälä, Lojer, marketing director

Photo © Miikka Varila


What are we especially proud of in the event?

We are especially proud of the script that was both passionately and carefully written. We held it very clear in our minds why this particular event was being organized and we also managed to communicate this successfully to other stakeholder groups of the event. The script of the programme included for example prophecies made by the host as well as illusions in the showrooms where products were displayed. The event was hosted by mentalist Noora Karma who brought effectiveness to the plot with her entertaining way of narrating. This message was further enhanced by the story-driven script written by our agency. The presentation of the showroom was also repeated on screens at the venue as a part of the programme of the evening event. To increase attractiveness, the showroom was separately built to the seminar and to the evening party, ensuring that it would fit the different themes of these events as well as possible. The new Lojer products were displayed worldwide with the help of the aftermovie and through the grapevine of the distributors.

In addition, we are extremely proud of the feedback we have received from the honorary guests. The elements that were set as goals of the event were reflected and repeated in the feedback which confirmed that the event was a success and even exceeded expectations:

‘’What was not to enjoy! This was the best event, corporate event and celebration I have attended in my life. Exciting, classy, informative, moving, fun, rewarding, great people, great food and wonderful Finnish hospitality. Well Done!’’

– Guest


Lojer Group: www.lojer.com

Photo © Miikka Varila

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